Thermographic imaging can be used as a preventative maintenance tool. Here is an image of an oil filled transformer and it is a good indication  of how the oil filled fins are performing in this image they are doing very well. If the image showed less uniformity of thermo distribution in the fins then it would be time to do something. One customer remarked that their insurance company started to require regular thermographic image inspections.


Internal motor windings get hot, imaging can help detect a problem before it causes downtime or a fire. This image of a motor indicates such hot spots.

Here is another image of a motor that is in a production situation. Imaging your equipment on a regular basis provides a baseline set of images with which to compare later images with detect deterioration over time.

Another good use of imaging is detecting circuits that are overloaded or have loose connections. In this image we see a breaker box with one circuit that is at a higher temperature than the rest. This could be well worth having a qualified person inspect under the cover.

Thermographic imaging can also be used to detect steam, heat, and water leaks. Examine stored grain, silage, or other feed stuffs. Find bearings and other machine parts overheating.  We will be adding more and different photos in the near future.